Return of the Birds
Return of the Birds
Reverence for the Hermit Thrush, Disdain for the Kingbird and Pewee, and Banter with the Ovenbird

Nineteenth-century naturalist and essayist, John Burroughs gives a detailed account of the Hermit Thrush’s song. For him, it is the finest sound in nature; the peace and deep solemn joy only the finest souls may know. Commentary about the cowardly Eastern Kingbird. The Wood Pewee’s plainness. Praise for the Ovenbird and the Louisiana Waterthrush.

The Creative Commons and public domain contains a wealth of images, music and more. The images used in these show notes link back to the contributors.

Hermit Thrush

Click the links below for details about the bird vocalizations used in this episode from the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

Hermit Thrush

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Phoebe


Wood Thrush


Louisiana Waterthrush

Intro music: Kai Engel 
Walking Barefoot on Grass

Outro music: The United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps: United States National Anthem (The Star Spangled Banner)

Download Wake-Robin by John Burroughs in e-reader format at

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