About the Show

A little escape to nature

This show is for folks who will stop and take a moment to watch a bird as it goes about its business.

This show is for folks who take note of a bird call and become curious about its source.

This show is for folks who like to be outside in fresh air and around nature.

Return of the Birds is the long-form, serialized audiobook podcast of Wake-Robin by John Burroughs.

First published in 1871, Burroughs’s Wake-Robin is a detailed nature study of various birds’ northern migrations and summer residencies.

He captures the birds’ personalities, traits, behaviors. Burroughs got it all down – the idiosyncrasies, tendencies and moods.

The missing piece? The bird songs.

That’s where Return of the Birds picks up the thread.

Return of the Birds weaves dozens of bird songs and calls from the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology into the narration.

The result is an audiobook 148-years in the making. And certainly worth the wait.

Feeling shut in, shut down or shut out? Let the birds carry you away.